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¡Yo estoy en la clase de Español 2! Escribo en español ahora. Pues, yo escribo en español durante este clase. 

¡Uf! No me gusta estar a escuela. Es muy aburrida. Yo conozco español pequeño. Mañana es la radiothon para KISS 106.1 al hospital de hijos. ¡En un mes, mi amigo, my familia y yo estan van al Caribe en un crucero! 

Ugh. Too much work. I can't type in Spanish. I speak it easier. 
Sooooo bored.

We were born for this...

Ohmagawd. This is amazing.

Ugh. I hate school. Class is over in like a minute. This is extremely boring. Polynomials suck butt.

I am so smrt.


Writer's Block: I'd Like to Thank...

Write your Academy Awards acceptance speech.
 Haha wonderful. [Academy presents me with the Award for the Best actor]

Wow, I did not expect this. When I was younger, I never dreamed of being an actor nor did I believe that I had any talent. Well, I would like to thank everyone I have ever met, because if one person wasn't there, then my life could have been changed completely. Also, I want to thank AFI and Paramore, this may seem a little odd but they taught me to be creative and do what I want in life. Oh God, the prompter is telling me to hurry up. Well, I would like to thank Jesus for helping me through life and [music begins playing] umm well thank you fans and ahh!

Wow that was fun.


[I don't speak fluent spanish, although I have 1/4 hispanic in me] 

It is Niko signing on after waking up from only 7 hours of sleep. I was up until 4 in the morning [isn't that a Gwen Stefani song?] and I wish I could sleep in longer due to crappy school that makes me wake up at 6 in the morning. Such a splendid way to wake up is by having the blinding light from the winter Sun kill me slowly. 

I am really in the mood for some robins eggs [the candy not the actual eggs, yuck]. I believe that it is girl scout cookie season soon! Score!! I love their cookies. Luckily I work [without pay, aka volunteer] at a hospital and they get most of the cookies that don't sell, so I will be three hundred pounds heavier by spring break.

Hmm right now I am saying what is on my mind, although a part of it thinks back to two weeks ago with the "internet addiction/predators" assembly and I can't help but watch what I say.

Here is a little about me:

Number 1. I believe in God [normal christianity, nothing twisted into another religion] and that influences what I do.

Number 2. I have never consumed alcohol or drugs or anything like that. 85% of my school [actual estimate] has done drugs and obviously consumed alcohol. I don't do that. It makes people look like idiots and everyone who does it at my age thinks they are cool and whatever. Seriously!? Hence my being straightedge. And I will continue to be straightedge for as long as I can help it.

Number 3. I have not consumed red meat in 4 or 5 years, can't remember. I wish I could be vegetarian but its difficult when someone else has the money and is cooking for you.

Number 4. I swear I have body dysmorphic disorder when it comes to my hair. I want it long, I want it short, I want it styled cool but I can't have people looking at it when something is wrong with it. 

Number 5. I consistently over obsess i.e. Despair Faction [AFI] Official Paramore Fan Club, by being in those I believe I am supposed to by everything ever made from either band.

Number 6. If you ever meet me, I probably will hardly talk until you get to know me. I come off as shy, quiet and/or angry. Its weird but when someone doesn't talk it seems like they have a grudge towards someone.

Number 7. I love watching doctor shows no matter how unrealistic. I want to be a doctor/surgeon when I am past college. 

That is me in a nutshell, can't think of more without over-revealing myself.

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